Managing and reducing your waste

Managing and reducing your waste

Your Monaco is committed to providing better support to help users manage and reduce waste. It offers several services and information on recycling, repairing and repurposing waste or items that you no longer use.

Your assistant Mona

Add the “My recycling assistant” service to discover a whole range of functions and information provided in partnership with SMA and Trizzy:

  • Mona, your chatbot assistant: ask her your questions and she will help you to identify the best solution for recycling, repair or donation
  • A map and information about all collection points in the Principality
  • The SMA waste collection schedule
  • Tips and tutorials to help you reduce your waste

This service is available in French only.

Waste collection

Add this service and enter your address or your street to see the SMA weekly waste collection schedule and next pick-ups.

Collection points

In the Explorer tab on your tab bar, search the following categories:

  • Cleanliness & Sorting: here you can find all recycling points in the Principality, including bins for waste, glass, electronic waste and batteries
  • Repair and second hand: here you can find repair outlets (for clothing, electronics, household appliances, bikes, jewellery, shoes) and donation points (textiles, toys, books)


In the Info tab on your tab bar, you will find a themed "Cleanliness" section with articles about waste management.

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