Depending on what kind of device you have, visit the App Store or the Play Store:
Type “Your Monaco” into the search bar
Download the app
Launch the app. You do not need an account to use Your Monaco services


To change the app language, go to the settings on the homepage: 
On the Change Language tab, choose your preferred language – French, English or Italian.

To unsubscribe from text alerts, go to the bottom of the page and click Contact. 

Complete the form, selecting “Unsubscribe from text alerts” as the request type. 

We will remove you from the list as quickly as possible.


To relaunch the introductory tutorial for the app, go to the settings on the homepage: 
On the Tutorial tab, you can relaunch it as many times as you like.

First, go to the settings on the homepage, then head down to the very bottom and note the app version: 
Go to the Contact page on the Your Monaco website 
Complete the form. In the “Type of request” field, choose “Report bug”
In the “Message” field designed for this purpose, provide as many details as you can about the bug you have encountered
The technical team will then get back to you to offer assistance or update you on what is being done to address the issue

Whether or not you receive notifications depends on two things. 
The first is whether you have agreed that the Your Monaco app may send you notifications. You make this decision when you first open the app. However, if you have previously blocked notifications but would now like to receive them, you can always go into your phone’s settings to authorise Your Monaco to send notifications again
The second is which services you have subscribed to. Even though they have both agreed to receive notifications, two users may not receive the same notifications/alerts due to the services that they are interested in

No, all Your Monaco functions can be accessed without a user account and are saved locally on your phone