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These terms of use set out the conditions for using and browsing the YourMonaco website.


You must confirm that you have read and accepted these terms in full before using any of the services provided by this website.




For the purposes of these terms of use, words and phrases below which begin with an upper case letter, whether singular or plural, have the following meanings:


  • - “Terms of Use”: this document setting out the conditions for using the Services.


  • - “Personal Data”: any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (“data subject”). An “identifiable individual” is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that individual.


  • - “Services”: the services provided via the YourMonaco website and which enable any User to access:
    • Important information and news about Monaco;
    • A registration form by which Users may sign up to receive alerts about road traffic disruptions in the Principality.



  • - “User” or “You”: any individual or legal entity using the YourMonaco website and accessing the Services provided by the YourMonaco website.


  • - “Administration”: the State of Monaco / Direction des Services Numériques (DSN).




Through the YourMonaco website, the Administration provides information about urban activities and news in the Principality of Monaco.


The YourMonaco website also allows You to receive notifications and alerts about road traffic disruptions in the Principality.




You access the YourMonaco website at your own discretion and at your own cost. In order to access and browse the Website, You must have a sufficiently fast internet configuration and appropriate hardware.


The Administration cannot be held liable in the event that the Services do not operate correctly, in the event that a bug occurs or internet access is restricted or degraded.


The Services may be accessed freely and securely via the following URL:  



In the event that the Services are suspended or unavailable, You may contact the Administration for information.


The Services must not be used in an improper or malicious manner.


Generally, Users undertake to use the Services:


  • - in accordance with laws, regulations and third party rights, in particular the Administration’s intellectual property rights as defined in the section of these terms of use concerning intellectual property;
  • - fairly and in accordance with their intended purpose;
  • - at their exclusive liability.


You may not fraudulently access or remain in any part of the YourMonaco Website, delete or change data contained on the Website, publish fraudulent data on the Website, or alter the Website or disturb its proper operation.


You undertake to access and use this Website via a secure connection or network. You undertake to take all appropriate steps to protect your data and hardware from infection by viruses or other forms of attacks. You are responsible for the security of your Data and network, which you use at your own risks.


You are aware of the risks involved in using the internet, such as hijacking, and You access the limitations and risks thereof.


To inform the Administration of an error or correction, please write to the following email address:   dsn@gouv.mc.




1) Copyright


All rights attached to any content published on this website are the exclusive property of the Administration, unless specifically attributed to a third party. This content includes, but is not limited to, texts, comments, titles, names, photographs, sounds, images, data, designs, animated sequences with audio, video, functions and features, and graphic charters, which are protected by Monaco copyright law.


The use, representation, transformation, reproduction, adaptation or distribution of any part or content of the Website whatsoever, on any media and by any means whatsoever, are prohibited without the express permission of the Administration, and constitute a criminal offence which may be prosecuted by the courts of Monaco.


2) Trademarks


Marks and/or logos owned by the Administration and appearing on the Website are protected by statutory provisions applicable in Monaco. Reproducing such marks and/or logos, either wholly or partially, without the permission of the owner, constitutes a criminal offence which may prosecuted by the courts of Monaco.




You acknowledge and agree that the Administration may not be held liable for the YourMonaco Website and Services, notably in the event of intrusion, alteration, theft of data, or any use by a third party, which is illegal or causes prejudice to You or to a third party.


The Administration provides no implicit or explicit guarantee concerning the operation of this Website and may under no circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, whether commercial or otherwise, or any consequences resulting from the publication of erroneous or obsolete information on the Website.


The Administration makes every effort to ensure that information published on the Website is up to date and accurate, but reserves the right to modify or suspend all or part of the Website, temporarily or permanently, without informing You in advance.


Users of the YourMonaco Website are required to comply with these Terms of Use, and must refrain from using or attempting to use the YourMonaco Website and its features for any purpose other than those provided for herein.





In accordance with applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, information obtained through the YourMonaco Website is collected by the State of Monaco / Direction des Services Numériques, hereinafter referred to as “the Administration”, which acts as data controller.


Personal Data are processed for the purposes of “Managing the YourMonaco website”, which are as follows (or processing functions):


  • • Browsing (cookie management);
  • • Establishing statistics;
  • • Publishing urban information (particularly about construction works, roadworks, traffic or parking);
  • • Publishing news articles;
  • • Registering for traffic alerts;
  • • Sending traffic alerts.


The processing activity “Managing the YourMonaco website” forms part of the Administration’s roles. It is justified by:


  • • The consent of the person concerned;
  • • A legitimate interest of the Administration: to allow the dissemination and promotion of information about news from the Ministry of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, and information about construction works, roadworks, traffic or parking.


This information is retained only for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes, and notably:


  • • In the case of registration for traffic alerts in the Principality: until the user unsubscribes.
  • • In the case of cookies: 13 months maximum.

The information processed as part of the YourMonaco website’s functions and features is intended for the Administration only, and is not passed to third parties for commercial or advertising reasons.


Recipients of Personal Data are:


  • • Specially authorised personnel of the Administration, who operate the YourMonaco website;


When processed for the purposes of the YourMonaco Website, your Personal Data will not be transferred to a country that does not have adequate protections.


Information requested when registering for traffic alerts is treated as mandatory. If required information is not provided (i.e. fields marked with a * in registration forms), we will not be able to provide the service.


In accordance with applicable statutory provisions on the protection of Personal Data, you have the right to access, rectify, and delete your Personal Data, to object to the processing of your Personal Data, and the right to restrict processing or portability of your Personal Data.


To exercise these rights or if you have any other questions about the way your Personal Data are processed for the YourMonaco website, please write to the following addresses (providing proof of your identity):


  • - By email:  dsn@gouv.mc , or
  • - PBy post, clearly stating the purpose of your request: Direction des Services Numériques Avenue Albert II – BP 673 – MC 98014 MONACO CEDEX


To ensure our reply remains confidential and is addressed only to the data subject, you may be asked to provide proof of your identity.


You may also withdraw your consent at any time, for the various functions and features offered by the YourMonaco website:


  • - If you no longer wish to receive traffic alerts, you can unsubscribe via your account at any time.
  • - Cookies: you can update your browser’s settings at any time. - If, having contacted the Administration and exercised your rights, you believe these rights have been infringed, you may file a claim with the Monegasque data protection authority CCIN: www.ccin.mc.




Hypertext links from other websites to this Website or to other websites from this Website may be created only with prior permission from the Administration. The Administration reserves the right to request the deletion of any existing links which breach this condition.


The YourMonaco website may contain hypertext links to third-party websites. The Administration does not control these websites and can under no circumstances be held liable in any way whatsoever for content published on these third-party websites.


The Administration may not be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from or related to the use of these third-party websites. Users of this Website use such third party websites at their own liability and risks. The Administration accepts no liability whatsoever.


If a link directs you to illegal content prohibited by applicable legislation, You should immediately leave the website concerned. Failure to do so may result in prosecution and penalties provided for by applicable Monegasque legislation. You should also report the link leading to an illegal website immediately to the Administration and the competent authorities.


In the event that a link on the YourMonaco website is broken, You are invited to contact the Administration by email at the address dsn@gouv.mc.




All disputes relating to the use of the YourMonaco website are subject to the laws of Monaco and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Monaco.